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About Us

Splendid Educational Services is an educational firm targeted at ensuring efficient and cost-effective home tutoring for students, computer training, website development and delivering seminars on computing and any topic relating to education.

We make it easy for parents/guardians to get good lesson teachers at affordable prices, individuals and organizations to set up their website online. We also provide good computer training at our head office or at the convenience of your home

Our Clients are highly Valued
At Splendid Educational Services, Our Customers are valued immensely hence, the whole system is made flexible for easy adjustment

Our Team Members are highly Valued
At Splendid Educational Services, Our team members are also valued because they are the ones that 'Make Things Happen', this is to ensure smooth delivery of our services

Passion Driven
Our Services are all passion driven which makes us unique. The difference between our Teachers, tutors and others are not far fetched due to the immense passion and faithfullness to providing our clients quality services